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NBA Playoffs- Good Offense vs. Good Defense

For those of you that have thought that a great offense is key to winning an NBA championship, you might want to think again. The true key is to have both great offense and defense. There have been many championship games won because the winning teams had both the stopping power and the ability to score.

According to data spanning 50 years, it showed both being an equal factor. If teams want to win, they don’t choose whether they want to have a great offense or great defense, they strive for equal excellence. When it comes to defense, teams had showed a combination of both right type of players and smart plays. This proved that a team that couldn’t score were left with no choice but to rely heavily on their defense.

This isn’t anything new, offense and defense are an important factor that must be equal.

During the 80s and 90s the major key of becoming a championship team was determined by the point differential. This means that the teams had to express a great defense, offense or most importantly both.

This is exactly what we see in today’s league. Out of the 33 teams that have won titles, only 26 were in the top 10 for both offense and defense. The Chicago Bulls were unsurprisingly in the top spot for both. For runner-ups, there were only 15 teams that had both great offense and defense. As a whole, each team had been a top 10 team either way. This is what we saw in the 2004 Pistons and the 2001 L.A Lakers. Both teams still won regardless of having poor defense or offense.

The weird thing is that teams being dominant, tend to be in the NBA finals.

So what does it all mean? How can a defense-only team make it to the finals? It’s now obvious. Defense.

With a no. 2 ranking in defense, the Bulls’ defense numbers have been better leading up to the All-Star break. They held their opponents at 97.3 points for every 100 possessions.

Many other teams praise them for their defense and as a tough opponent. It goes without showing that the defense of Chicago is more than just elite.

In hindsite, the Bulls are ranked No. 28 in their offense. I can’t recall any other team that has come close to the finals with an offensive ranking that poor. This is because their net rating for every 100 possessions has been plus-1.9 points. But, because of an imbalance of gross statistics, a scenario that is realistic is nonexistant when it comes to winning the finals.

In the Pacers case, it is much more complicated. But luckily for their fans, the team is very similar to the Bulls.

The current rating for the Pacers offense is listed at No. 22. This will most likey make their defensive rating of No. 1 to plumet substantially. But the Pacers can easily overcome the odds just like the Lakers did back in 2001 after winning their ring with having a defense ranking at No. 21 and a offense ranked at No. 2.

We are unable to look at the numbers as a clear indicator of any future performance because the team has changed from what they used to be before. Plus, their profile has become worse when it comes to their statistics.

If we compare the Pacers rating in offense since the start of the All-Star break, their league rating has now become the second-worst. Besides that, their defense has slipped down to the No. 7 spot. It’s obvious that no team would be able to win a championship ring from those spots.

So, what would be the best explanation to all of this?

The answer isn’t as simple as we think. Although defense is an important factor to winning, there is no strong evidence that shows a teams ability to prevent scores as being key to winning.

So, long story short, to be able to win a NBA finals championship, a team must possess awesome defense as long as the offense is as equally good.

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Betting Strategies For MLB Team Wins For 2017

Betting on sports teams is nothing new. Betting on professional sport teams has been going on for decades. The only thing that may have changed is the betting strategies. There are certain betting strategies that are used for MLB team wins for 2017.

The 2017 MLB season begins on April 2and of this year. Regular season win totals have recently been released. Not to the surprise of many, the Chicago Cubs are in the lead. Chicago has a recorded win total of 95.5 games. The Indians are trailing slightly behind the Cubs with a win total of 92.5.

In the teams off season ,projected team standings are released. The projected standings are compiled by using different systems such as ZIPS as well as Streamer. In addition, staff playing time can be used to project the 2017 MLB season. Staff playing time estimates are combined with previous win totals which can give a fairly accurate idea of which teams are being overestimated as well as underestimated.

For example, in 2016 the Chicago Cubs had a record of 103-58 and a win total of 95.5. based on the Chicago Cubs 2016 record, the fan graph projections totaled 94 which showed a difference of -1.5. This graph illustrates winning totals as well as opening winning projections. Which can give you an idea of how betting strategies are utilized as well as applied.

In some situation fan graphs can actually accurately predict who will win more games overall. However the fan graphs do not accurately depict who will ultimately be the winning team.

There are currently several caliber based teams such as the Pirates and Cardinals. The Pirates and Cardinals are in the NL Central. However, teams such as the Padres reside in the NL West. The accuracy of the fan graphs and schedule can have a significant impact on overall winning totals.

Betting strategies can be developed by examining Sports book insider figures as well as what is termed “Our Picks” to make a determination which teams will more than likely prevail in the up and coming playing season.

Win totals from previous seasons are very valuable to those who plan to bet in the 2017 season. By examining each teams previous game totals with at least a 5 game discrepancy can help bettors make a more accurate prediction. Once you learn and understand the system it can become much easier to make predictions with a higher accuracy rate.

In addition to the betting system known to the public, there are proven data driven betting systems that can be followed in order to gain an advantage when it comes to betting more accurately on which team will more than likely prevail.

Most systems that involve data driven betting systems are created by specialists that analyze different sports teams and their playing history over the years. Systems such at this can many times only be accessed by paying a fee to a web site or marketing establishment. The goal is that even if money is involved the better will gain a competitive advantage prior to placing any kind of bet.

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How To Bet The NBA Playoffs

*Improving ones betting strategy and skills:

There are different strategies for betting on the NBA playoffs. Therefore, it is important to find the best and most effective strategy when betting on the NBA. Betting on the playoffs are a bit different than betting on regular season games.

If you are trying to determine who will win the championship games then it is important that you understand who would be the best possible player or players that have the capabilities of winning an important championship game. It may help to look at past championship games. You can probably easily determine what players were the driving force which helped the team win in past championships.

There are important tips that can help a person place a bet on a team that has a good chance of winning. For example, it would be helpful to closely examine each team’s weak points. In addition, focus upon which teams have won in the past and examine the odds of that team winning a championship game.

It is also very important to make an accurate determination of which team is best able to win the game within the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game. In addition, it can help a great deal if you can accurately monitor the overall impact of its three point volume.

Determining which teams possess a certain versatility can help one decide who would be pose a good betting risk. Also, be conscious of any weak defensive links that are very noticeable. Weak defensive links can not be hidden very well. That one weak link can affect the entire outcome of a championship game.

It is critical that you can make an evaluation of which teams have greater depth as well as which team players seem to be in better health. Physical health plays a big part in determining which team will ultimately prevail. Some team player are more prone to wearing down at a much faster rate. It would be helpful to keep your watchful eye on those players.

*Reviewing strategies of past games/Successful past defenses:

Many of the NBA games are decided within the final minutes of the game. Successful defenses are many times determined on how they handle late game rotations. Late game rotations combined with a little luck have helped NBA teams in the past win the final victory.

It is important to understand the three point volume and how it affects the outcome of the game. The majority of teams are actually shooting from long range as opposed to previous years. Therefore, it is critical to stay on top of every possible element of the NBA game. Strategy as well as game element can determine which NBA team will prevail. Therefore if placing a bet you must take all of that into consideration.

There are several strategies to consider prior to placing a bet on any NBA team. You must study the teams and take into account a variety of factors which could help the person to win a substantial bet on a major NBA team.

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How to Read Sports Betting Odds

The art of wagering on the outcome of sports is an act that is as old as sports themselves. In all manner of sport, there have always been those who bet on the side they think will come out on top. Sports betting is as old as the time of ancient Rome, where spectators would bet on which warrior would win a given duel. Or sometimes people would bet simply on who would survive a massive multi-man spectacle filled sometimes with exotic beasts.

The art of wagering is also as sophisticated as the betting sports themselves. You can participate in a sports wager at any professional bookmaker (an official betting place), online sports betting exchange, or sports betting facility located in many casinos.

But of course, to use and enjoy such a sophisticated process, you must first understand it. It is made to be precise and easy-to-understand with details about the odds and point spread details the betting place (book) offers.

Here is a breakdown of each aspect of the betting lines and what each number, symbol (plus or minus), and letter means, and how to properly interpret them.

And here is an example:

NEP – 5.5 110 – 505
PIT + 5.5 110 + 350
34.5 ov-110

The Letters
There is nothing special about the letters – they simply represent the name of the two teams playing so you can identify the individual rates associated with each team. NEP in this example represents the New England Patriots, and PIT represents the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Point Spread
These numbers next to the letters of the teams are known as the point spread. The outcome of the point spread betting is determined by what the corresponding team will win or lose by, not who will win.

For example, next to the Patriots, you can see the number – 5.5. This number will tell you two things in a point spread bet. The first, is that the Patriots are the team favorites as they are always represented with a minus sign, and the underdogs with a plus sign. the second is that the number is indicative of how much the bookmaker predicts the favorite team will win by.

If you bet on the point spread number of the favorite team, they must win the game, and win the game by at least 6 points or more in our example for you to win the bet. And if you wager on the underdog, they must either come within 6 points of the favorite team when they win, or beat them outright for you to win the bet.

The half-point shown in this example is typical practice of bookmakers, but not a universal practice. Where they are present your team, favorite or underdog, has to score at least a half-point better than the bookmaker’s predictions to win the bet. but sometimes point spreads will feature whole numbers.

When this happens, it’s possible for both teams to score a push, wherein if they score exactly 5 points if the example had 5 instead. All money is returned to the betters and nobody wins anything.

The Wager Rate
The second number next to the point spread is the wager rate. This is the standard rate for betting, and it tells you how much you have to bet in order to win $100. For example, you must bet $110 in order to win $100 if bet is correct. It is listed to show the amount in hundreds for simplicity’s sake, but isn’t the minimum amount you can bet. For example, you can bet a minimum of $11 to win $10.

The Money Line
The numbers next to the wager rate are known as the money line. This information is for those not interested in betting on a point spread, but for betting on a team to outright beat the other. This number indicates how much you will win for every $100 you bet on the underdog to win, and how much you must bet on the favorite to win an extra $100 if they win.

If you bet on the Patriots, you’ll win $100 for every $505 you bet. If you bet on the Steelers, you’ll win $350 for every $100 you bet on them. Again, these numbers are listed in the hundreds for simplicity’s sake, but aren’t a requirement. For example, betting $50.5 on the Patriots will earn you $10 should they win.

The Over-Under
Lastly, the final line underneath both teams is the over-under, the final type of bet you can wager at. The over-under bet concerns not who wins or loses, but the combined number of points both teams will score. Betting over this number means betting that the combined score of the two teams will be over this number, while betting under means the opposite.

And the number next to the over-under line is the wager rate for the line, telling you how much you must bet in order to win $100. It functions the same way as the wager rate, but for the over-under line.

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