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Betting Strategies For MLB Team Wins For 2017

Betting on sports teams is nothing new. Betting on professional sport teams has been going on for decades. The only thing that may have changed is the betting strategies. There are certain betting strategies that are used for MLB team wins for 2017.

The 2017 MLB season begins on April 2and of this year. Regular season win totals have recently been released. Not to the surprise of many, the Chicago Cubs are in the lead. Chicago has a recorded win total of 95.5 games. The Indians are trailing slightly behind the Cubs with a win total of 92.5.

In the teams off season ,projected team standings are released. The projected standings are compiled by using different systems such as ZIPS as well as Streamer. In addition, staff playing time can be used to project the 2017 MLB season. Staff playing time estimates are combined with previous win totals which can give a fairly accurate idea of which teams are being overestimated as well as underestimated.

For example, in 2016 the Chicago Cubs had a record of 103-58 and a win total of 95.5. based on the Chicago Cubs 2016 record, the fan graph projections totaled 94 which showed a difference of -1.5. This graph illustrates winning totals as well as opening winning projections. Which can give you an idea of how betting strategies are utilized as well as applied.

In some situation fan graphs can actually accurately predict who will win more games overall. However the fan graphs do not accurately depict who will ultimately be the winning team.

There are currently several caliber based teams such as the Pirates and Cardinals. The Pirates and Cardinals are in the NL Central. However, teams such as the Padres reside in the NL West. The accuracy of the fan graphs and schedule can have a significant impact on overall winning totals.

Betting strategies can be developed by examining Sports book insider figures as well as what is termed “Our Picks” to make a determination which teams will more than likely prevail in the up and coming playing season.

Win totals from previous seasons are very valuable to those who plan to bet in the 2017 season. By examining each teams previous game totals with at least a 5 game discrepancy can help bettors make a more accurate prediction. Once you learn and understand the system it can become much easier to make predictions with a higher accuracy rate.

In addition to the betting system known to the public, there are proven data driven betting systems that can be followed in order to gain an advantage when it comes to betting more accurately on which team will more than likely prevail.

Most systems that involve data driven betting systems are created by specialists that analyze different sports teams and their playing history over the years. Systems such at this can many times only be accessed by paying a fee to a web site or marketing establishment. The goal is that even if money is involved the better will gain a competitive advantage prior to placing any kind of bet.

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